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MEC 2016: three games, two wins: Bros are the 5th best men’s team in Europe

MEC banner

Bros prepped to this tournament with a fairly new and small roster: after couple unfortunate events and some retirements they left to Newcastle with only 11 players. Guys didn’t have too much time to train together after the much needed vacation after the World Cup, but were nonetheless eager to get this opportunity to play […]

Bros-A-Rollin’ – Tour De France

Gay Ski balancing next to the outside line.

Who would’ve guessed that our trip to France was…TOTALLY FRIGGIN’ AMAZING! We had fun, we played hard and won the after party (rather handsomely I might add). Team spirit was strong and everybody had a ball. If somebody doesn’t already know, we lost to Quad Guards of Toulouse 84-280 and won our hosts Kamiquadz 190-166. Best […]

Seamen sunk in Pirkkala

Seamen sunk in Pirkkala

11.4. We had our first home bout against our dear friends from Gothenburg, Sweden: the Salty Seamen. They have many skaters from Team Sweden, so some of us had already played against them (and won!) last year in the World Cup and Finnkampen before the that. But that was over a year ago, and as we […]

Le Tampere Rollin’ Bros Tour de France

Le Tampere Rollin' Bros Tour de France

On 26th of April, the Tampere Rollin’ Bros will have a mighty challenge to face. We will be traveling to Montpellier, where we are to play against the Montpellier Kamiquadz and Toulouse Quad Guards. The event is hosted by Montpellier Derby-Club. This is a big step on our way towards Men’s Roller Derby association membership, […]

TRB’s faces Salty Seamen in their first ever home game!

Artwork by Nalle Mielonen

TRB’s first ever home game is nigh! Within under a month there will be rumble, clattle and lots of hurt when Gothenburg Salty Seamen roll to Tampere to battle Rollin’ Bros in their first home game ever. Fame has been gathered from tournaments in Sweden and England and now – finally – it is time […]

Apply now for Tampere Sur5al All-Star Invitationals


It’s the time of the year again! In two short months several teams will play each other in what is known as the Tampere Sur5al All-Star Invitationals. This is the first and so far only sur5al-event in Finland and we’ve just opened up a search for teams in the third appearance of this sur5al event. […]

Bros Shook Some Beards in B.E.A.R.D.i

Wesley Crusher blasting through the blockers of De Ronny's

On Friday the 28th of November we started our journey towards Birmingham and a two-day tournament with great enthusiasm and dashing looks: after a long and extensive process of design, market study and material testing we were lucky to get our fresh-from-the-oven shirts with us to the second tournament in Brostory (we are ever so […]

We have a new website!


If you’re reading this, you know what’s the latest and greatest news we have to offer. We have just opened our brand spanking new websites, and you’re looking at them right now! Feel free to click around to read more about us, how we are, what we do and when we’re doing it. There’s plenty […]

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