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Tampere Rollin’ Bros

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We are the Tampere Rollin’ Bros

Tampere Rollin’ Bros was founded by five guys in April 2013. Ever since we’ve been growing and spreading the goodness that is flat track roller derby! We aim to develop the men’s roller derby scene in Finland and offer a great opportunity for each and every one how’s up for a new, exciting, fast and tough sport, awesome new friends and good times.

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Our story

Tampere Rollin’ Bros was founded by five guys in April 2013, and the first practices during the spring and summer took place on a parking lot in Pirkkala. The goal for the first year was to get a regular practice time in a local venue, a proper organization and a full roster of players. Kenny Superpowers, the first Chairman of Tampere Rollin Bros Ry, quickly recruited the first ten players, and in the autumn 2013 we got a weekly practice time in .

We were eager to play, so we organized the very first Sur5al -tournament in Tampere in the spring 2013 together with the Tampere Roller Derby. (The credits from the original idea goes to Windsor Roller Girls . Six men, women and mixed teams of five players were participating. The tournament was humble but a great success, and we decided to make it a annual event.

In January 2014 we got our very first real games in the great Kings of the North Roller Derby Cup for rookie teams. The hard work payed of, as we won the tournament. We are still very grateful for the opportunity: thank you Spankalot Rollerderby Events for organizing such an amazing tournament.

Tampere Rollin' Bros'  debut in Kings of the North tournament in January 2014. Photo by DizzyDreams Photography

Tampere Rollin’ Bros’ debut in Kings of the North tournament in January 2014. Photo by DizzyDreams Photography

In March 2014 many of our players took part in the Men’s Roller Derby World Championship tournament in Birmingham. Team Finland fought bravely and came out ninth -not bad for at all for a team that had been practicing for half a year!

In spring 2014 we organized the second Tampere Sur5al All-Star Invitationals together with Tampere Roller Derby. During the full day or games, we saw ten teams and tens of jams. Two teams from Bros were battling, the Blocka Fetts and the ASRD Sexecutioners. The tournament was again a great success, thank you all for help and participating!

In spring and autumn 2014 we held the very first Open Skate sessions together with Tampere Roller Derby, and our very first real freshmeats began their derby journey in the TRDs freshmeat course in autumn 2014.

Our second tournament took place in Birmingham in November 2014. Tampere Rollin’ Bros took the bronze in B.E.A.R.D.i, losing only to the Power of Scotland and the Expendables 3D.


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