It’s the time of the year again! In two short months several teams will play each other in what is known as the Tampere Sur5al All-Star Invitationals. This is the first and so far only sur5al-event in Finland and we’ve just opened up a search for teams in the third appearance of this sur5al event.

This year we’re looking for the highest level of gameplay in Finland, but also welcome newer teams who might not have yet enough players to actively scrimmage, but are looking for more experience. We arrange the games in two categories: newer teams can take part in the casual series, and our Finnish derby superstars form their team to┬áthe pro series. (If you’re not sure which category to sign on, think who would you want to play against!)

If you have a team and want to join, please follow this link and sign up!

What’s this Sur5al, you ask?
Sur5al is a simple concept. Each team is formed of five players, four blockers and one jammer. Each team plays against each other a full length two minute jam. There is no calling off the jam, however getting a lead status will gain you one point. Winning the jam earns your team three points, and in a tie situation each team is given 1 point. The most succesful team at the end of the day wins. So, it’s super cool, you only need five players, and you get to play against several different teams, all in one event.

What are you waiting for, go apply now!

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