Who can play roller derby?
Everyone. I repeat: everyone. Although we are -currently- only accepting players of age 18 and older, there are no other prequisites. While background in sports can help you to develop, there are many people who have started roller derby with absolutely no sports background and succeeded.

When can I join?
We have 1-2 open skate events per year, one in autumn and one in spring. Follow our facebook and webpage for news about the next event, or ask us (info(at)tampererollinbros.com).

I don’t want to wait, I want to get involved NOW! What can I do?
EXCELLENT! We hope to see you at our games, and you are also welcome to follow our practices (just let us know you are coming, and we can give you more information regarding the practice times and places). You can also join as a volunteer and help us to arrange our bouts.

I want to PLAY! When can I play?
Again, EXCELLENT! We currently have one travel team, and we are choosing the players for each game well before the game. As soon as we have a few more players, we will establish a “B team” as well. Before joining the teams, you need of course some practice, and before being ready to join the all league practices, you need to learn the basics in the freshmeat course.

I am not that into skating, but I’d love to get involved somehow… What can I do?
No worries, you are absolutely welcome to join as a non-skating official and/or volunteer! That is really fun as well, and there’s definitely plenty of stuff to do for everyone -whether it is photographing, updating these webpages, arranging fantastic bouts or finding awesome sponsors for us… Our league is run by the skaters for the skaters, so we do it all by ourselves. And it is FUN! Just contact us and we will find you a superior past-time occupation!

So HELLZ YEAH I want to start practicing right away -where can I get those funky quad skates?
Congratulations on your excellent choice, and may the force be with you on your journey to a shining derbystar! We would recommend buying your first gear set from our beloved and trusted collaborator, QUAD roller skate shop. They have really nice rookie packages with quite comfortable prices, and what’s great, they are really good in answering your questions. Check out also the rookie packages offered by our local option Gearcheck.
You will need a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, mouth guard and the skates. For the skates you might want to buy some outdoor wheels (some indoor wheels are usually included in the skates) and toe guards to keep your skates in a slightly better shape. Later on, when you know what kind of skater and player you are, you can update your gears endlessly…

Um, I watched a derby game and didn’t understand a thing… Help?
That happens, it is a fast game you know. You can read the rules from Mens Roller Derby Association webpages, and watch some nice explanatory videos from here. You can also come and see one of our games or practices and let us know, and we will get someone to keep you a short “introductory lecture”! You will get the hang of it quickly, we promise.

So what is this “minimum skills test” I’ve heard rumors of?
After the fresh meat course, every skater is tested to make sure they have the basic skills and are safe to play. It’s nothing to be too worried about, it is for your own and for your team mates safety, and it is required by the Mens Roller Derby Association (MRDA). We will arrange those tests often enough, so in case you don’t pass it the first time, you don’t have to wait too long for your next try.


Please fill in and lets find out the best way for you to join us!