Tampere Rollin’ Bros prepped to this tournament with a fairly new and small roster: after couple unfortunate events and some retirements they left to Newcastle with only 11 players. Guys didn’t have too much time to train together after the much needed vacation after the World Cup, but were nonetheless eager to get this opportunity to play against the tough teams from all over the Europe.

I was following the games through the very well executed stream in Youtube. Thanks again for the organizers, it was a pleasure!

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Good tournament opening with Tampere Rollin’ Bros favorite neighbour: Gothenburg

TRBs first opponent of the tournament was their oldest and dearest enemy, the Gothenburg Salty Seamen. The lads in pink came to the game strong and with big hits, and the beginning of the game was really even. After couple of jams the Bros got their game running nicely, their walls started to stabilize and they started playing together in triangle, sending one blocker to offence.

Great big hits were delivered by #1 Sven, #111 Ior Block and #00 Kara. The newer players did brilliant job, the team had really build up nicely during their relatively short training time together after the World Cup. #13 Pitkaenen played his first game ever and immediately as a jammer in 3 jammer rotation, and did very well, even though he had to fight through some of the longest jams in the game. This was the very first game also for Harry Blocker #71, who worked very seamlessly with the rest of the team -Bros sure know how to develop their freshies quickly!

Seamen vs Bros is always such a happy, Care Bear colored game!

The usual suspects played their part gracefully: #9 No Modesty Blaize was like a train and #13 Mick Jäger was like a brick wall. You know, the kind of pub wall that occasionally hits you. Regardless of occasional slips, Bros had the higher ground, ending the game with 72-230 in their favor.

Enjoyable rumble with the big guns: Southern Discomfort

Our skaters were very eagerly waiting for this tough game against the ruling Euro champs: most had seen big stars like Reaper, Shrooms, Sutton and Spectral playing in the World Cup last summer, but never before got to play against them, while others were eager to get another change against them after playing against Team England in MayDay in HEL tournament in Helsinki in May, and later in the MRDWC.

The SoDisco dominated the game fairly effortlessly, but couple of times we managed to snatch the lead jammer status, and usually managed to get our jammer out of the pack relatively quickly. Few pretty good star passes were executed to #00 Kara, #41 Urpo Kekkonen and #313 Varvi Lind, forcing the Englishmen to call it off.

SoDiscos Sutton giving all he got's on offence against Yksilöviha

SoDiscos Sutton giving all he’s got on offence against Yksilöviha

Especially #77 Boss Bear delivered some really bad ass hits pretty equally to every Bro on the track. Our #93 Keiski was followed by the announcers, whom speculated that he had been “hanging out with Reaper” lately. Tournament’s All Star Blocker #00 Kara was “all over the place”, and #99 Yksilöviha played a really good game, and was the one blocker to match Boss Bears strength -too bad we didn’t see more 1 vs 1 rumbling on these two beasts! Our guys managed to get 25 points against the 443 of SoDisco.

It sure seemed like the funniest game the guys got to play! Lots of high fives were exchanged, and there was this hilarious wrestling situation with Kara and Boss Bear: Bear threw Kara out, sending him flying to the audience, and Kara returned to the track giving high five to his opponent, who then instantly send him out again and made Kara cut the track. Kara gave a thumb up to the referee with a big smile on his face when he realised what just happened. Just one jam after this, Sven’s pants were pulled down on the jam break -oh those tricksters!

Congrats to Southern Discomfort: they polished their position as the number one mens team in Europe this year as well!

Eventful and even game against the Germans: De Ronnies

Last game of the tournament for Bros was at noon on Sunday: it was the rank game for the 5th and 7th place. Our small roster must have been quite exhausted and bruised after the two rough games, I overheard “Alex the Apex” (Pitkaenen) telling he had more colour in his chest than normal skin after wrestling with the Discomfort. The game started very evenly, and it took a fair part of the game for Bros to gain a decent point gap.

Antti and Hairy showing some serious power slides

Ior and Harry showing some serious power slides against a Ronny


Ronnies played very energetic and aggressive game, which has always been a hard match for our lads -perhaps a bit counter intuitively it seems that Finns aren’t that into aggressive playing! It was either because of the strain or the uncertainty caused by the hurricane style game play, our guys had difficulties sending one player to offence, and often focused on keeping the jammer with all the blockers, leaving the jammers fighting with the Ronny-tornado by themselves. This resulted in a number of penalties, which team coaches effectively calmed down with long jams and time outs.

Clever play lead to a 117-189 victory for us, and after the last jam our players were free to celebrate the divided 5th place in this very well organized tournament.

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Photos: Roller Derby On Film


Roller Derby tournament Final scores:

Tampere Rollin Bros 230 – 72 Gothenburg Salty Seamen
Tampere Rollin Bros 25 – 443 Southern Discomfort
Tampere Rollin Bros 189 – 117 De Ronnys

Thanks for the great tournament!

Thanks for the great tournament!

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