C) Marko Niemelä

11.4. We had our first home bout against our dear friends from Gothenburg, Sweden: the Salty Seamen. They have many skaters from Team Sweden, so some of us had already played against them (and won!) last year in the World Cup and Finnkampen before the that. But that was over a year ago, and as we all know, year is a really long time in roller derby.


C) Marko Niemelä


We started the game strongly, but soon enough those pesky Seamen managed to make it hard for us by destroying our walls with heavy hitting and strong offence. We just weren’t able to play our own game and that provided even and hard hitting first period, but I bet that the audience loved that! At the end of the period we managed to make a little gap, score when going to half time was 90-62, so the game was far from over.


In the second period we did what we do best, strong walls, working together, controlled offensive and solid defense. Seamen couldn’t keep up anymore and slowly but surely point difference started to expand. Some jammer penalties for Seamen didn’t help their cause either. When period reached half way point, we had a solid lead 158-77. This was our game. We finished the period like we started, strong, focusing on our strengths and won by quite a large margin 202-110.

The game was far from easy! Seamen put up a strong fight and we can’t wait to meet them again! In Gothenburg, maybe?


After the game we all went to grab some well-earned burgers at Daddy’s Diner before grabbing some well-earned beers in the afterparty at Aussie Bar.

Thank you officials, Seamen and of course audience for a great game!

Videos from the game can be found here and here.



C) Marko Niemelä

Next stop, France!


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